Candle Care

On your first burn, make sure the melted wax reaches the edge of the vessel. This will create a memory for the wax to come back to.

Only burn the candle for up to 3 hours at a time, always trim the wick down to 5mm before re-lighting and straighten the wick so it's centred. These steps will allow a more consistent and even burn. Use a snuffer to extinguish the candle to reduce smoke and soot. Stop burning the candle once the wax drops down to 15mm.

Place the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface and do not move it once it’s lit - the vessel will be hot. Always be cautious and keep the lit candle away from flammables, draft, water, direct sunlight, children and pets. Never leave the lit candle unattended. Keep the candle in a cool and dry area.

When the candle is burned through, wash the vessel with hot soapy water. Reuse and repurpose.